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☼ we have the unjust privilege of having never truly known or experienced the oppression that so many are awfully and tragically victim to in this world on such atrocious regularity. we will never truly know how that feels and it’s so heart achingly painful to witness times like these in this day and age. do what you can to change the world for the better, it’s beyond overdue ☼ swipe up for the link in our stories to sign the petition for #justiceforgeorgefloyd and to see what else you can do to help. #blacklivesmatter

☼ FINALLY! our cover of Radiohead’s ‘let down’ is out now! let us know what you think. link in bio ❤️❤️ ☼

☼ cover video #3 coming soon ❤️❤️ ☼

☼ queens of stone age cover video. link in bio! we got busy fighting lockdown boredom with fun covers and our mobile phones. so let us know if u like it...plz ❤️ ☼

☼ Queens Of The Stone Age - you think I ain’t worth a dollar, but I feel like a millionaire. video this friday ❤️❤️❤️ ☼

☼ what’s the saga? it’s Songs for the Deaf, you can't even hear it ☼

☼ ‘hard to be around’ bedroom session is up now! go check out the video on our vevo channel and share some love! hang in there everyone, gigs will be back one day❤️ link in bio. ☼

☼ heart shaped box. live video out now. link in bio. share the love ❤️❤️ ☼

☼ heart shaped box. live video. friday ❤️ ❤️ ☼

☼ We miss you guys. We have some more quarantine content coming for you soon. ☼

☼ Our recent tour with The Maine was incredible. We had our buddy @johngyllhamn out with us and combined with some of our own personal clips, he’s put together a video for EP track ‘Through the Night’. We wanted to give you all some wholesome content to try and make you smile brightly through these difficult and unpredictable times we are all facing. It’s a song that means a lot to all of us so we wanted the video to portray that and hopefully give it some meaning to you guys too. Enjoy and stay safe. Link in bio ☼

☼ Through The Night video Monday. Giving two fingers up to Corona with some high quality content ☼

☼ happy to announce that jules will be joining some close friends of ours and other awesome people working in this remote isolation project ☼ check it below🔥👇🏼 THE ISOLATION SESSIONS | VOL 1. COMING SOON We’re very excited to announce this collaborative writing project. Original music, written and recorded remotely during self isolation by; ARTISTS Josh Carter of Chapter and Verse Aled Evans of Dream State Josh Campiao of Hellions Jules Wildblood of Sun Arcana + 2 more artists TBA. Mixed & Mastered by Lewis Johns.

☼ We hope everyone is staying safe in these weird times ahead. Obviously this is going to have a massive affect on the music industry and all bands and artists. We, like many have had plans put on hold for the time being until things become clearer. So in the meantime we would greatly appreciate it if you could show ya support to us and all the other artists you like by sharing, streaming etc! Stay safe people and thank you for continuing to support us x ☼

☼ photo by @johngyllhamn ☼

We are a band based in Essex. If you have any questions
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