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Just Another Dream Away (EP)


As I Take A Breath... (Debut EP)



☼ less than a week ☼ less than a week ☼ less than a week ☼

☼merch re-stock landed☼ please, go show some love on our store and help your boys out before tour with @themaine starts in 3 weeks. ☼hit the link in our bio for fresh garms☼

☼ ☼


☼ p h o t o ☼ b y ☼ @jordanhare11 ☼

☼ n o ☼ p a i n ☼ n o ☼ g r a i n ☼

☼ february tour with @themaineband we can’t wait to see you all again. ☼

crazy excited to say we’ll be opening the final 9 UK and Ireland dates of tour for @themaineband alongside @standatlantic gear up for some mad shows again and grab tickets now!! link in bio:

2020, more of this coming soon

two tours, one new EP, and a sold out headline show. not a bad year for us and we can’t wait to show you what we have lined up. thank you for everything and we’ll see you in the new year

wishing you all an absolutely stupendous christmas. love sun arcana x

as a whole, 2019 has been an amazing year for music. follow our playlist full of songs from this year that have made our ears happy. treat yourself to some bangers it’s christmas!

four best buds sandwiched together straight after our first sold out headline show (yes we are going to milk this) photo by @jordanhare11

seeing all our merch together for the first time got us like... (go buy some)

‘i know you’re sick and the damage is done’ photo by @kas_osow

Our shop is now live on our site with brand new merch! So excited to share it with you all. Visit our website to purchase! X

Sold out Headline show ✅ what shall we do next ?? Photo by @jordanhare11

Let’s do this again soon shall we?? We luv ya! 🎥 @jordanhare11

London that was fucking mad! We did it! SOLD OUT. You guys are amazing, thank you so much. See you soon. Photo @jordanhare11



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